Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Behind The KTT

Figure 3. Krugel demonstrating how the KTT works, however the actual science behind it is unknown. Video from

The reason that the Portuguese police never searched the area that Krugel suggested is that his theory of the location of Madeleine's body had no scientific basis. Mark Harrison is a member of the National Police Improvement Agency and was brought in by Portuguese police to investigate the investigation being conducted on Madeleine's disappearance. Harrison stated in his report that a concern of Krugel's work was "the poor quality of his report which merely shows a google earth image of an area to the east of Praia Da Luz and includes open smb land, beach and sea", and that "Krugel was not prepared to allow the device to be viewed or provide any specification data of readings or equipment and the fact that no known device currently exists commercially or academically then I can only conclude that the information he has provided is likely to be of low value". It is well understood that if someone's theory has little scientific data to support it then we cannot accept the theory. If Krugel's theory could not be falsified then his theory has no scientific value.

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