Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Danie Krugel

Figure 1. Danie Krugel, inventor of the Krugel Theory Tester. Image from

Danie Krugel is a former policeman from South Africa. Krugel, also known as "The Locator", is known for being a professional bodyfinder. He invented an apparatus he called the Krugel Theory Tester (KTT), which through using Global Positioning Systems and DNA technology can pinpoint the location of anyone in the world; as long as Krugel has an item which contains their DNA e.g. a hair. Krugel claims to have a 90% success rate (Sunday Mirror, 2007). Krugel can locate anyone in the world dead or alive. A website promoting Krugel,, says the following: "All services Danie have provided this far have been free off charge. In the majority of cases Danie paid his own travel and accommodation expenses and sacrificed benefits provided by his employer". Even if this is the case, the science behind Krugel's KTT is shrouded in mystery (see Behind the KTT). And not everyone in the world offers these services for free (see Sally Morgan section).

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