Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Don't Trust The Bodyfinder

On the 8th October 2007 the Daily Mirror published an article with the title "Don't Trust The Bodyfinder". The article tells of how the McCanns were warned by a Varenda Gouws not to trust Krugel as he "led her and husband Willem on a wild goose chase after son Rayno, 20, went missing last year during a hiking holiday". Varenda goes on to say "It was an endless track. We drove through South Africa for 4,300 miles". She tells of the "mental torture" of being told your child is okay, and wondering why they haven't contacted you. Unfortunately, Rayno was found in a forest outside of Knysna; it is believed he died of a snake bite. Varenda then explains of Krugel's reaction to her telling him of her son's death. She says "he was really aggressive. He said it was not possible. He blamed me. He said "This is a lie. Nobody can tell you how long a body is dead". He didn't want to hear he had made a mistake." The article suggests that the McCann's changed their mind about Krugel's participation after this warning. The article ends by stating that Krugel insisted he does not ask the families for money for his services,  but also states that "he has a contract with a TV company and was filmed while working on the Madeleine case. He says the footage can only be released once Madeleine is found".

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