Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sally Morgan

Figure 4. Sally Morgan. Image from

Sally Morgan is a medium, and on her website states she is "Britain's best loved psychic". Mediums claim that they have a gift, an abilty to hear the voices of those who have passed away. In the biography section of her website, Sally talks at length about her childhood and learning to control her ability.  The most interesting thing about Sally Morgan's website is the focus of money. There are links to buy tickets to a show, or to buy books and jewellery. You can even call Sally's team of psychics for your own personal reading, again for a small fee. Do mediums really possess the ability to talk to the dead, or are they just praying on the vulnerable? They seem to offer closure in times of need, and use very general questions (as shown in the article) that could apply to anyone. It is important to remember the principle of falsifiability, and apply it to things such as mediums. Through this we can understand that fields such as psychics are not scientific and so lack validity. 

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